If you click above on “amazon author page” it will take you to, well, my amazon author page. There you can find three books, including the latest which is entitled, Questions about Sexuality that Got Me Uninvited from My Denomination.

My theologian, author friend, James Alison said after reading the book, “Jonathan’s writing is excellent and more importantly, bears witness to the love of God.”

Another theologian, author friend (cuz those are the only kinds of friends that I have) Thomas Jay Oord said, “For the sake of love - love of God, Love for the church, and love for LGTBQ+ friends - please read this book!”

I don’t want to overdue it here, but yet another theologian, author friend David Gushee said, “In this smart book filled with searching questions, Jonathan joins the growing list of pastors who are questioning the understanding of Christianity they’ve received. At great cost already, he is saying no to rejectionist Christianity to say yes to the love of God in Christ Jesus.”

These comments, and others, are humbling. I’m grateful. Not everyone, of course, loves my writing that much, but I’m not including their comments.

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