You are good
Your intentions, relentless  
Wave after wave,  
Lord, break over us
We, of small-minded polity, and punitive theology.
Raise up humanity
In the roar of your love.


Lose the Election/Win the War

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I've been watching Ken Burns' The Vietnam War on PBS. Last night I heard our president during the beginning stages of the war say, "We can't win this war, but if I pull out I can't win the next election." And so it goes (to quote Kurt Vonnegut). I know leaders from both sides of the aisle have made these kinds of decisions before, and will no doubt make them again. It was just a shock to actually hear our president say, out loud, that his strategy to win an election was to sacrifice young people in a war he knew we we're going to lose!

Sixty years later we are still feeling the effect. 

Contrast this to my president... Jesus. His approach was the opposite. In effect, He said, "I'm going to lay my life down, and wind up losing this election, but we're going to win the war." The people voted with hammer, nail, and cross, but somehow death and grave lost!

Two thousand years later and we're still feeling the effect! 

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