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Love Theory

No Big Deal theory: if you don’t respond to God’s call, it’s not a big deal to God. He knew you weren’t going to respond. He already had everything figured out beforehand. If your response to God is no, then God just finds the next guy to fill in the gap, and then He's off to the next problem. God’s will can’t be altered, or changed, or defeated. 

Love theory: it’s potentially a very big deal when someone doesn’t respond to God. Our intentions and actions matter. When you don’t respond to love, then people are impacted negatively. When people are impacted negatively, God’s intention is altered, changed and yes, defeated. When people suffer, God suffers.

I’m a love theory guy. Love isn’t love if it’s controlling. God doesn’t control. He loves. With love randomness happens. It rains on the just and the unjust, but in the middle of all that rain, love is working. It’s creative, intelligent, and resourceful. When something bad goes down, love is with you. 

Your response to God matters. Don't delay. Move toward love as soon as you can. It will change the rest of your life.


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