You are good
Your intentions, relentless  
Wave after wave,  
Lord, break over us
We, of small-minded polity, and punitive theology.
Raise up humanity
In the roar of your love.


Don't Change the World

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 9.20.16 AM.png

The magazine add says, "This is the generation that refuses to wait. The time to change the world is now."

Hmm... maybe.

Or maybe, there have been countless previous generations who've refused to wait and in doing so have rushed into all kinds of problems. Others, more intelligent than me, have noted that war is basically impatience taken to the final level. Anyone can be impatient. Maybe we should teach this generation to, in fact, wait.

And maybe we shouldn't encourage them to change the world. I have a growing uneasiness about all of this "change the world" rhetoric. I'm starting to think none of us should change the world. Rather, we're at our best when we're committed to being the place in the world that's already been changed. 

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