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I Wish Black History Month was History

I wish Black History Month
Was history
That we would no longer need
Reminders to remember
The inequities 

But, the past keeps crashing
Up onto the shores of our present
Coloring wet the ground we stand
Sinking down into the land, 
Down into the root
Until deeds and desires
Infect the fruit
Sownin’ seeds of all our fires

We need reminders to remember

We’ve inherited
A blessing
And a curse
With Black History Month
Our best
And our worst
Of all we’ve done

We’re broken
And scattered
And fractured

The past has crashed up
Flooded out
Seeped down
And spat us out
Left us at the corner
Of hope and reality
Broken and disordered
Of all we thought that life would be

Yes, Black History Month reminds us of the past
What’s been done, the sins amassed
But it also reminds us of what could be
If we just move forward in humility
(I’d like to add in parenthesis
It might keep us from repeating our dark history) 

So, white dude, stop frettin’
Don’t be rude, let Black History Month be a lesson
A reminder, like a plow
It takes off our blinders
It stirs up the ground
Force confession from our lips
Yes, we came in different ships
But we all in the same boat now

May Love and servant hood
Grace and brotherhood
Grow in every neighborhood
From sea to shining sea
Until the reality
Is Black History Month
Is in the fullest sense of the word is simply…

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