You are good
Your intentions, relentless  
Wave after wave,  
Lord, break over us
We, of small-minded polity, and punitive theology.
Raise up humanity
In the roar of your love.


The Reality of the Future and our Allegiance

Today is Ascension Day (Ascension Sunday, this weekend). Jesus' ascension is not about his location; it's about his vocation. He hasn't left us. He's not in heaven just sitting around waiting for the second coming. He's not in some other place. He's here. He's Lord. He's in charge. Our calling is to live, prophetically. I don't mean prophetically in the sense of getting out decoder rings and attempting to pick dates when He's coming back. I mean, prophetically, in the sense that we are to bear witness to the present and future reality that Jesus is Lord. Our lives are intended to point toward the King and His Kingdom. Merciful Lord, give us strength.

We pledge allegiance to the cross
Of Heaven United
And to the marginalized
For which it stands
One God, Supporting all nations
With liberty
And sacrificial justice for all

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