You are good
Your intentions, relentless  
Wave after wave,  
Lord, break over us
We, of small-minded polity, and punitive theology.
Raise up humanity
In the roar of your love.


The Greatest Dreams

"As the ocean is fed by the river, kept flowing by the mountain stream, the source of which is the first snow melt on the highest mountain, so our daughter found her self swimming in an ocean of a dream, fed by a river of love, kept flowing by a stream of sacrifice, the source of which is the first drops of blood at Calvary's Mountain. 

It's the snowmelt that brings the greatest oceans.

And it's the blood drops that bring the greatest dreams.

To be clear, the blood of Christ didn't drop in order to appease God. He didn't need a sacrifice to make him happy. Yes, Christ did become a sacrifice, but it wasn't because God demanded it to be so. It was because we demanded it to be so. Driven by our insatiable appetite for amassing power, we did not know how to deal with one who gave up power. We've never dreamed of such a thing! In an act of passion, we resorted to violence. But in a greater act of passion, He absorbed the violence. In so doing, He lit the fuse on all the world's best dreams."


La Navidad, the Intersection that Wrecked the World

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