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The Trump in Me, the Me in Trump

I hated the way the president responded last week. Good Lord… fire, violence, and fury? It reflects little or no diplomacy, aversion to war, or interest in peace. 

Sigh… I loved the way the president responded last week because it reflects my own interest, my own desire, my own tendency to want to protect, to defend, to stand up for what I think is right. 

I think this president, more than any other I’ve experienced, stresses us at all of our pre-existing fault lines. The fault lines were there before he arrived on the scene, right? He didn’t create them. He just reveals them. 

And in doing so, he is revealing who we are. 

I think it’s possible he honestly cares about doing the right thing, and I think it’s possible he may be his own worst enemy. Is he not a bag of mixed motives? Am I not the same? Is humanity not the same? 

God save me from the little president trump that lives within me.

God save President Trump from the little me that lives within him. 

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