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Three Different Life after Death Scenarios

Three different life after death scenarios Biblical texts might support…

1-Death is sleep until the resurrection of all things. Our software is uploaded from our hardware (old body) into heaven’s “cloud,” until that later time when it’s downloaded back into our new hardware (new body).

2-Death is immediately experiencing the resurrection of all things. If heaven exists outside of time, then death “births” us into a new dimension free from time’s restraints. Both us, and our loved ones who have died before us, will simultaneously experience this new dimension. This idea, which seems to be in line with the theory of relativity, means all of us will experience the resurrection of all things at the same time.

3-Death puts us into a waiting period that we might refer to as paradise. However, it’s important to remember we don’t believe in the existence of disembodied souls. So, if there’s a waiting-temporary-paradise-environment, we must have a waiting-temporary-paradise-body. How would that work? Ha, well quantum physics has taught us that there is way more going on at the cellular level than we could have ever imagined. Maybe as subatomic particles of energy die, God uses them to recreate temporary bodies. (We have a couple hundred thousand cells dying off our body every minute. Where do they go? Is it unimaginable that the Divine could do what it wanted with these cells?) At the resurrection of all things, heaven and earth will be brought together in such a way that we will gain access, so to speak, to all the capabilities of our new body, even as the entire new cosmos is gaining access to all of its capabilities.

The Biblical text can support any one of these three, but to say it supports all of them at the same time cannot be true. Then again, science for the last one hundred years or so, has been able to validate The Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics separately. It just hasn’t been able to validate how both, at the same time, can be true!

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