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The Non-Coercive God

If the Father willed the unjust death of Jesus, it's possible people who are in oppressed systems would also feel the Father willing their unjust punishment. I personally think that's off base a bit. 

Here's what I think God wills: love. Love will always lead us to give ourselves away. It was love that asked Jesus to give His life. 

Don't let people tell you God wants you personally, or your people group to continually submit to abusive, unjust, oppressive situations. You have the freedom to walk away. 

Now, you also have the freedom, once you are healed, and committed to love, to carefully step back into situations with the expressed purpose of changing things. Change almost always comes from the inside out, but just know, that it might cost you your dreams, and future. 

There's a difference between losing your dreams, and future over your voluntary commitment to love, and losing your dreams, and future because someone else coerced you. With God, either the world is changed by non-coercive love, or it's not changed at all. 

By the Flowers of Spring

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