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From Life to Death to Life

As the baby's in the momma's body, the momma's body is inside the world, so, we're inside the body of Christ, and the Body of Christ is inside the Kingdom of Heaven.*  

The contractions that move the baby from inside reality to outside reality must, at the time, seem horrendous to the baby, but given our vantage point now, we understand the contractions as necessary, even a blessing. 

The Body of Christ changes, and morphs over time. It is in a constant state of flux, giving itself away, again, and again in love. Love isn't static. It's dynamic. The Body offers itself, in love, for the world to know the Kingdom of Heaven. These offerings are difficult, and sacrificial, but given that the entire cosmos is being reconstituted, in Christ, it appears that we can call them blessed, for they don't lead to death. They lead to life. 

Ultimately, the movements all of us make from this life into the next will seem horrendous, but I'm convinced that one day we'll look from a different vantage point and realize the movements were just contractions; necessary, even a blessing. 

*a bit altered, but basically the idea presented by Peter Kreeft.

You be You

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