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You be You

The term, anti-Christ, appears nowhere in Revelation or Daniel. It's not some guy who's going to rise up, and out of the European Union with an enigmatic tattoo that looks like the number of the beast. The term, anti-Christ, only appears in the writings of John. It's not about a man, it's about an idea that was floating around in John's day (our day as well) that the Christ was never really human. Thus, anti-Christ, means anti-human. 

Since we believe God did become one of humanity, loves humanity, and wants humanity to flourish we can say that anything that is anti-humanity is potentially channeling the spirit of the anti-Christ.

You don't have to be more than you are. God loves you.
You don't have to become like God. God became like you.
You don't have to become perfect. For by one sacrifice, we're all being made perfect.

Here's what I think you may want to spend your life doing... being you. Yes, you be you. Bring your whole self into the whole world, all your faults, dreams, hopes, and issues. We aren't less human when we are ourselves, with all our problems... we are more human. And God loves humans. Every single one. No matter what.

Why is this important? Because, in my experience, we have too many churches creating environments where people must conform to a particular standard of behavior. We forget that the church family is supposed to be a safe place for confession, for bringing our issues, for being ourselves. We've made it (in many, but not in all) a setting where those who have it all together (or at least pretending they have it all together) are the ones we celebrate, and attempt to emulate. This doesn't even make sense. If you have it all together, you don't need God. And having it all together is not being human. To deny that which makes us human is to dabble with the spirit of the anti-Christ. 

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