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The Subterranean River

Christianity has a dreadful history of inquisitions, crusades, and misused power. It also has a beautiful history of education, healthcare, art, and justice. I suspect, though very few in the circles I have found myself in over the years have cared to emphasize this, that the same kinds of things are true for each of the major world religions.

Neither God nor humanity is served well by highlighting the horrific in others. We can be aware of them, but only in as much as we're aware of them in ourselves. BTW, it's only when we recognize that serving God is the same thing as serving humanity that we get any religion right, but especially Christianity!

Christianity isn't a foundation built over any one culture, religion, or people group. Christianity is a river of life running under the substratum of everything. To the young person searching for this living water, don't stop at the popular layer of hardened, binary sediment that would lead you to believe that Christians must be against Muslims, Republicans against Democrats, Straights against Gays, Catholics against Protestants, etc, and flippin' etc... No! Keep going. Go deeper until you find life, and health, and blessing for everyone.

There in the Stand of Trees

Being Re-Membered