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And Playing Lead, on Sax...

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I was invited to be in a band. I'm really excited about it, and humbled. It's a four piece jazz quartet. Mildred Bangs Wynkoop is on drums. The groove she's been laying down is so tight, its's crazy. We've been calling the groove love.

Rene Girard is on bass. His lines are intricate, and deep, and phat. We've been calling them subconscious victimization, and scapegoating.

I'm on keys. I'm not worthy to be in the band, but I'm willing. I mean, the music is so good it just makes me think I'm better than I really am! I've been laying down these dense chords, full of interesting harmonic overtones called LGTBQ+.

Playing lead, and on sax... well, he needs no introduction, then again, maybe he does. It's Jesus. You wouldn't believe the music he's been playing. It's the most intelligent, graceful, art I have ever heard. Life is better listening to the saxophone.

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