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If You Give the Tradition a Cookie...


If you give the tradition an excuse to fear, they’re gonna circle the wagons. If they circle the wagons, it’ll be a defensive move. Fueled by anxiety. They’ll probably lose feeling in their extremities. And get tunnel vision. And lack courage to innovate. They’ll decline in influence. The energy that could have gone into something good will be funneled into labeling an enemy. If you attempt to be gracious to their enemy, you’ll find yourself on the outside. This will make it easier for them to differentiate from your ideas. This will make it easier for them to differentiate from you. They’ll find scapegoating useful in building unity. The more you attempt to point out their scapegoating practices the more they won’t be able to see it. They’ll ask you to get in line. And then label you misguided. Maybe sinful. And then you’ll be the enemy. They’ll feel free and clear to disassociate from you. They’ll call this practice holy. They’ll even gain a temporary uptick in growth because of their holiness. They and their adherents will celebrate revival. And they can forget about you. And dehumanize you. And you’ll go to sheol, hades; the realm of the dead. Where non-people like you always go. And there, Jesus will find you. Because Jesus will go anywhere to find the marginalized. You’ll be astounded by grace, but the tradition will likely miss it. They’ll be busy. Holding conferences. Discussing religious things. It will afford them the seduction of control. Meanwhile, seductions will be controlling them. Every once in a while they’ll feel a squeeze. And a growing anxiety. They’ll look themselves in the mirror. And if they look, really look… chances are the tradition will have an excuse to fear.

There is Only Love

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