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Hatred Refuses to be Wrong

Hatred refuses to be wrong.

Hatred's so sure of itself. Love's different. I think one could say love gets it wrong sometimes. Maybe I think this because love is never propositional, and always a risk. You can be hurt with love. I'm quick to add, you can be hurt with propositions too, it's just that our well-intentioned, prefrontal cortexes are endlessly creative in leaving out truth. We're just trying to protect ourselves, to find meaning in life. There’s a lot of self-deception going on in our heads. The outcome is that it's easier to grow religious organizations upon propositions than risk. What are the propositions? They pretty much all boil down to the same thing: the gods demand sacrifice.

It's a risk to believe you don't have to change to gain God's love. It's a risk to choose to "rewire your brain" around the truth of God's acceptance. Why do we spend so much time telling people to accept God into their heart, when what they really need to accept, is that God has already accepted them? Thank you, Paul Tillich, for that wording, but thank you, Jesus, for the insight, for when he has the father, in his story we call The Prodigal Son, tell the older and more religious brother, "You've always been with me… everything I have has been yours…" I think he's saying, you are accepted. I think he's saying, it's a gift to let go of all the right-living, of all the performance-based religion, of always being right. It's a gift to be wrong… but, hatred doesn't agree.

Hatred refuses to be wrong.


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