This is beautiful. And good. And important. The theological insights into the Trinity are brilliant. -Dr. Jeren Rowell, author of Thinking, Listening, Being: A Wesleyan Pastoral Theology 

This is a deep and deeply moving invitation to draw closer to God and to become the woman He created me to be, not in spite of my wounds, but because of them. -Vicki Kuyper, author of Wonderlust

Few dare to go to the depths Jonathan does in this book. I couldn't help but feel, as I was reading, that I was on holy ground." -Dennis Apple, author of Life After the Death of My Son: What I am Learning

This book took me into the depths, but in the process I discovered life through a new lense." -Karie Eaton, author of Beneath the Surface: Unmasking the Real You and Liking What You See.