Nobody wants to read a story about an easy path. What we want are stories about insights people have gained while walking difficult paths.

Enter my new book, DEATH, HOPE & THE LAUGHTER OF GOD --->

It's an unlikely title about the unlikely path where God keeps finding me... and where God can find you... because, unfortunately, your path is going to lead you into some kind of death too. (e.g., death of life, death of marriage, innocence, dreams, relationships, etc...). 

If you know God loves you and is with you, then not even death can separate you from joy. That's the kind of insight that can change the trajectory of your life and all eternity!  

So go HERE now. 

 "Jonathan’s first book, Where Was God on the Worst Day of My Life, brought me to my knees. I'm finding his new work is offering a deep and deeply moving invitation to draw closer to God and to become the woman He created me to be, not in spite of my wounds, but because of them." -Vicki Kuyper, author of Wonderlust